go with the flow

It’s now for about five weeks that I have done almost nothing on my thesis. There were just too many other “important” things to be done. Like creating a poster for a workshop, reviewing papers and other peoples’ thesises, preparing a lab-tutorial for a lecture and going on seminars…

At least the seminar gave me the opportunity to talk about my thesis topic for at least twenty times, each time to a different person. With the questions a got back to be answered, I realized that the topic is going to be quite ambitious. “Workflows in a disaster management system.” I still have absolutely no idea what that could be. Talking to a good friend of mine last weekend, the idea formed that I really should go out there to the people who actually do disaster management. They certainly will know their workflows (maybe they don’t use that term, but they’ll know them). The question for them is: are they going to like a system that supports them by telling who is going to do what and when? My question is: are their workflows interesting enough?

Besides that, I just re-checked my project outline. That one actually says that I shall also focus on workflows of a resource-managment-layer in a peer-to-peer-middleware architecture. Is there a difference in these two tasks or is it just the same? I’d prefer if there were no difference. Workflow is workflow, right?


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