activity report

This is a new series of blog posts that has the purpose of keeping me posting once a week and documenting my progress more tightly. Looking back on the past few weeks was rather disappointing in that sense: I am doing little on my research and too much on university management skills. I hope that things change once I have to re-read the little progress I’ve made. Here we go.

  • I’ve isolated the topic of understanding the ideas of ‘service’, ‘service oriented architecture’ and related to that ‘service level agreement’. The main reason being that everybody speaks of SOA and the related terms that one is inclined to think that these are well-understood topics. Unfortunately, if you think about applying SOA on, and creating Services for Wireless Sensor Networks, you end up with nothing to start with. ‘Service’, ‘SOA’ and all other sorts have been defined in the field of business process management and workflow management with lots of hard- and software technology. But people keep stressing that SOA is an architectural paradigm. I haven’t found a non-technological definition yet. That’s what I’d like to understand, What is SOA? What is a Service in SOA?
  • I’ve deepened my understanding of flexible workflows and adaptivity concepts and workflows. I still appreciate van der Aalsts classification of fexibility and adaptivity of workflows. And I started to understand how one could realize flexible workflows – thanks to Sadiq, Sadiq and Orlowska.
  • I’ve continued to supervise four students in a tutorial project related to a lecture on information integration. It’s strange how the perspective on the matter changes once you’ve earned a degree. I can’t be anything else because ‘my’ students are of my age, studied even longer and have industrial experience. Still they are rather reluctant to solve the tiny tasks I am issuing.
  • I’ve continued planning a small workshop for my group next april and another small workshop with visiting researchers this december.
  • I’ve spent a day at the GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam with my PhD graduate school to learn about the Tsunami Early warning system in the Indian Ocean and further research topics on natural disasters and disaster management projects.
  • I’ve been working with some of my fellows on a leporello leaflet about our graduate school to improve outward communication. We’re doing pretty good things. You just realize that when you’re writing things down in a compact way avoiding the unnecessary talking, condensed down to the facts in a lean and clean argumentation.
  • And I’ve learned about simulating the distributed detection of earth quakes in the SAFER project that aims on building an early warning system by the help of sensor networks. They are our closest partner project and we are likely to get a decent amount of input regarding technical requirements to implement a reliable system to react on earthquakes or other unpredicted hazards.

Altogether, that’s been pretty much stuff. Yet, I can’t feel progress. I hope that’s going to change with this column.


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