Skype “Crisis” is coming to an end

The guys at Skype must have had a tough night. My client logs in again and I just saw about 2.8 million nodes can do the same. Still I just popped out again, so it’s not been solved yet entirely.

even though it is too early to call out anything definite yet we are now seeing signs of improvement in our sign-on performance. We continue to monitor the situation through Europe waking up this morning and have more for you in approximately 4 hours.

My client is now occasionally bringing in stacks of unread multichats. Hope yours too.


I’m still up with my initial guess that it has nothing to do with the client code, since we did not have to update the clients (unless Skype has some silent module update built-in). Must have been something with the supernodes. It’ll be interesting to see how the network recovers slowly during the day.

Anyway, it was fun to participate in blogging about something ongoing. Though I hardly get the point as it’s quite some sort of procrastination… I better get back to my work. Speaking of which: I have to write a journal article.


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