open source … movies!

Everyone knows open source. Software. Right? It’s not about being for free (that’s usually an extra), it’s about giving the user access to the sources of the software to change it, customize it, extend it, integrate it, repair it, understand it, learn from it, …

The success of open source software is based on the principle that if you are going to consume something that you have the right to understand how it was produced, and that you are allowed to go for something different or pick it up. And it is the only way that allows thousands of people to work together on projects that are much larger than what each one alone could accomplish. Like building a web-browser that is faster, safer, and more reliable than the one that used to be installed on 99% of all running systems.

But who said that open source is a software thing? Think of making music or movies. Most of us have seen the one or other movie end titles (you know, all the names that are shown after the hero has kissed the girl). They put these names there because the film could not be made without them. Including all the weird positions after the last wookie actor and before the “very special thanks goes to”. Because you need that many people, it’s usually a big money subject to make good evening filling movies. But making good software used to be a big money subject as well before open source.

This is where Valkaama and other open source movie projects pick up. Allow anyone who likes to participate in making the movie. Script, act, film, speak, sing, play, cut, edit, improve, … as with open source software, you need access to the source “code” of the movie. The script, all raw filmed material, original sound, music (with original tracks), film editing plan, dubbed scenes, etc. Only then you are able to pick up a specific aspect of the film and change it for improvement. The animated short-movie Elephants Dream was the first that was released under an open-source license.

Valkaama is one of the first full feature-length film projects in HD1080p standard that is close to going public. Two trailers including all trailer sources have been released under the Creative CommonsAttribution – Share Alike 3.0 license on the project website.

The movie tells the story of two unlike young men, each seeking for his personal future, that are thrown together by fate to travel to ‘Valkaama’ to find what each is looking for. As their paths cross, they do not realize how much of their journey has already been determined by their pasts.

I have seen an early cut of the movie. I like it a lot. But as with large scale, high-quality software, large scale, high-quality movies need many helping hands. If you are into movies, this might be your thing. Have a look on the project’s website:

disclaimer: the author is personally acquainted with the project leader of Valkaama


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