Language-aware publishing in Google+?

This is the thing that I actually wanted to write, but I first had to post my view on Google+. So, what always intrigued me on facebook is that I am having an international bunch of friends met in various places in the world. I’d say that half of my posts are in German and half of my posts are in English. I always wondered whether people are annoyed by me posting in a language they don’t understand, but as I didn’t get complaints, I never cared, mostly because it would have been too annoying to actually micro-manage my audience.

Things are somehow different in Google+, as my circles allow me very well to distinguish my audience. I somehow feel obliged to not flood my friends from the US with German jokes. But some of the German content might actually also be interesting to them, and vice versa. So, as Google is also running its steadily improving Google Translate service (though, the translation to Czech needs some serious work), I wonder whether Google+ could/would/is going to integrate Google Translate in a per-post-basis:

  • you post as ususal,
  • when you get a post in your stream written not in your native language, Google translate automatically translates the post for you based on your language preferences,
  • or you get a “translate to my language” button next to each post.

could be a Google+ “App”…


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