activating iMessage service on iOS5

Apple released iOS5 yesterday. The update process was not as smooth as I expected – I couldn’t restore my backup from version 5 to version 5 completely. In essence, all media except the photos were lost. Another thing where iOS5 is not smooth is the activation of the iMessage service. At least for me, it kept displaying “waiting for activation”. The trick that made things work:

  1. Go to Settings > Messages
  2. Open the Receive At Settings
  3. Enter a new e-mail address
  4. A verification mail is sent to that e-mail address, open it, click on the link and verify the address by entering your Apple ID
  5. Now, this does not finish the process yet
    Go to  Settings > Messages > Receive At
    The  e-mail address you just entered will still show verifiying.
  6. Tap the e-mail address again and tap on Resend
  7. Now your iMessage account is activated, pick the right CallerID and you are ready to send messages.

16 thoughts on “activating iMessage service on iOS5

  1. once you switch imessage service ON, it starts showing the message “waiting for activation”. THere is not sign of entering email ID. once it is activated only then you can change or add email ID….. now can we have a solution on activation?

  2. Mine says ’email’ next tot he email address i added. i haven’t received any emails for verification but it still says ‘waiting for activation’ on the previous screen. does it matter if i’m using jailbroken/unlocked iPhone?

    • yeah mine too. I didn’t received any email from verification after I added the email. and it says “waiting for activation” too. did you get it to work?

  3. mine just says use apple id … there is no other option and it says “waiting for activation” the hours later it fails. Help:(

  4. I used to have it working, but now it says verifying. And then when I click resend email I get nothing through to my email address. Very annoying. Any ideas?

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