on the road to coloured scenarios

I’ve spent the last two days finally following up an idea that was around my research since the early ideas of my PhD thesis: to equip the scenario notion that I developed (I call them oclets) with data, so a system designer could specify how data is exchanged among components of a distributed system. As oclets are based on Petri nets, the logical step was to take Coloured Petri nets and there gain tool support from CPN Tools to do all the elaborate handling of data.

The last two days I pulled out my old tool prototype Greta and gave it access to Access/CPN, the library that contains the simulation engine of CPN tools with all that lovely functionality I was looking for. It took me a bit of time to figure out how to call the simulator with a proper model and how to decompose the problem (scenarios with data) into 2 solvable sub-problems

  • simulate control-flow scenarios without data
  • eliminate spurious executions that violate the data-specification

It works. I’m quite happy that things turned out that nice. A new release of Greta will come as soon as the code base is stable enough. Ah, this is how it looks like:



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