how to always read facebook’s news feed in “most recent first” order

Facebook has been tampering with its news feed design over the last weeks and months on its mobile apps and also the website. The “most recent” order is no longer a default view on the app (but several taps away hidden in a sub-sub-menu) as of version 10.0.0. On the default facebook page, the feed regularly switches back to “top news” every 1 or 2 weeks, even if you choose “most recent”. The option to choose the sort order of the news feed also disappeared from the mobile website (that you can reach when opening on a mobile browser).

You can still change the ordering of the news feed on the Desktop page and, once changed, the mobile website will inherit the settings. But, I don’t like to change the sort order every 2 weeks again from the Desktop page.

Now, I just saw that facebook stores the sort order in the URL. You can use the following hard links to reach the news feed in the desired ordering:

  1. to read the news feed in chronological order “most recent first”, and
  2. to read the news feed in random order (“top news”).

I’ve placed this URL as a bookmark on the home screen of my smartphone and removed facebook’s mobile app. It actually loads much faster than the mobile app and I now read the feed in the preferred order. Let’s see how long these links work.