proper interface descriptions for your service

A service is, in computer science terms, a functionality (of a software or of a device), that hides its implementation details to the user. To be able to use the service, the service has to declare what the service does at its interface. In the old days, you would get a manual, in the new days you would descriptions in some fancy service description language.

Besides discussions how to write down what a service does, I feel there should also be some thoughts about what all should be described about a service. It’s quite easy to miss something important as the following video from our new building shows.

Using a Coffee Machine Service


activity report: making the brand

I’m slightly late in fulfilling my promise of regularly telling something. At least, I have a good excuse. So here’s the line-up of stuff that’s been around the last three weeks.

  • I’ve found my PhD topic more or less. I’m working out some ideas and present them to my prospective PhD supervisors next week. So they can tell me that 90% of my ideas have already been tried and I’m left with a bunch of no-problems and unsolvable ones and that the rest is far too much for me to do in a single PhD thesis. We’ll see. But I’m quite sure that I’ll do something on Declarative Modelling and Verification of Workflows (for disaster management).
  • I’ve attended a soft-skills workshop on project management, leadership, and networking with my collegeagues from the Graduiertenkolleg. It’s been quite useful as we were working out a number of projects for the next phase of the research group, and it brought the team members closer. Many thanks to Golin Wissenschaftsmanagement for that one…
  • I’ve attended our Kolleg’s first workshop on “Meta-Modelling” which, as far as I can tell, is an approach to get control over the development of modeling and programming languages and their changes. The methodology, which is also going to be developed in Metrik, might prove to be useful when I’m starting to relate constraints and operational concepts.
  • I’ve helped in preparing our Kolleg’s second workshop on “Workflows” which gets together people from Metrik and the B.E.S.T program. We will work together with Prof. Wil v.d. Aalst and Prof. Kees van Hee on (work)flow techniques for services and service oriented architecture. I hope to get some more thoughts on how the term “service” relates to wireless (sensor) networks and their functionality.
  • I’ve continued on our leporello leaflet and it looks great – we’re almost done with it. In that process, we’ve developed some sort of “corporate identity” for Metrik. Together with a decent web strategy, we’re making our way up in the Google rankings.

That’s it for now. I need to prepare my PhD topic presentation…